Parenting for Fathers of Teenage Boys: Part 1

Dealing with teen boys that have anger issues is a common issue for parenting for fathers of teenage boys. We’re not saying it’s always boys, however. Teenage girls can present their fair share of problems too. Nevertheless, it’s generally accepted that girls can better process their own emotions and talk through them better than boys.

During their teenage years, boys can experience spikes in their testosterone levels, which in turn, reduces their emotion of fear. Ultimately, this means that many teenage boys tend to be more geared towards dangerous behaviour. Parenting for fathers of teenage boys needs to involve knowing where your teen is hanging out. Don’t be dissuaded by your teen when they claim this could show ‘lack of trust’. The world can be a dangerous place for teenage boys, who tend to have poorer judgement and are less able to see the consequences of their actions.

Focus on the long term wellbeing of your child, not just the ego boost that comes from feeling trusted.

Things You Can Do As Part Of Parenting For Fathers Of Teenage Boys

  • Make your teen feel like they are part of a community. Get them to help with chores around the house, or suggest they volunteer out in the community
  • Encourage your teenager to respect other people and their property
  • Teach your teenage boy how to be responsible by showing them how to manage money

Auditory processing for teenage boys can be lower than girls. This means that teen boys hear perfectly well as females, but don’t always interpret the meaning as well.

To Help Teenage Boys Understand What You Are Saying:

  • Make combined eye contact and touch during speech. This is more effective than just one form of communication
  • In cases where the finer details are important, ask your teen to repeat what you’ve just said
  • Use short sentences, and give your teenager time to respond before continuing

To learn other ways about communicating well with your teen, check out the blog post How To Talk So Teens Will Listen. Tags:

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