Parenting for Dads of Teenage Boys: Part 2

Your teen is not naturally responsible. This is something which is only learned with age. And sometimes as a result of difficult circumstances. As part of parenting for dads of teenage boys, it’s important to teach your teen responsible behaviour and that this is a necessity rather than an option. After the age of 13, the ability to teach your kids tends to decline, as they increasingly learn about responsible behaviour through sometimes harsh life lessons.

With Responsibility Comes Power And Privilege

Our advice? Demonstrate you your teen that responsibility goes hand in hand with power and privilege. I.e. when responsibility is elevated, so are the other two. The same goes for when responsibility levels are low. Show your teen that if they behave responsibly, positive things can happen to them as a result. You’ll also need to demonstrate that being irresponsible in life will take away some of their power and privilege. As part of parenting for dads of teenage boys, use real-life examples, drink driving or tax evasion for example, and explain the consequences. Learn more about communicating with your teen in Part 1.

parenting for dads of teenage boysChildren Copy Their Parents Behaviours

Your kids learn how to regulate their emotions not by being taught by their parents, but rather mirroring what their parents do. Particularly, sons tend to copy their fathers while daughters duplicate their mother’s behaviour. Nevertheless, they take behaviours from both sides.

Don’t Be Quick To Blame Your Kids. This Can Elevate Their anger Levels

Be aware that if you tend to lay the blame on your children, this can result in anger issues. This is particularly troublesome for boys experiencing high testosterone levels. Ultimately, both parents need to adopt responsible behaviour in all facets of their life, which includes taking ownerships of mistakes as well. If you want to learn more about parenting, why not read our other post, How to Be a Good Parent to a Teenager? Tags:

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