Parenting Adolescent Boys (Practical). Part Two

If you had the chance to check in with us last time, you’d hopefully have picked up some useful tips in parenting adolescent boys (practical). Including:

  • Acknowledging and respecting your teenage son is going through changes
  • Asking your son what you can do to help during this turbulent period
  • Being aware of the emotions your teen is facing and managing your own emotions
  • Opening up about your feelings, that you love and are proud of him
  • Making changes to your own lifestyle that you also expect from your teenage son
  • Admitting when you are wrong and taking responsibility for your actions
  • Remaining calm, even when you are annoyed. Anger solves nothing

Additional Things You Need to Know About Parenting Adolescent Boys (Practical)

Talk Less. When parenting adolescent boys (practical) try and use as few words as possible. Overloading your teen with information will only result in them zoning out and paying little attention to what you are saying.

Encourage Conversation. Ask your son questions that will encourage him to share things with you. Let your son know that you’re available to talk with him about anything.

Look at Mood. If your son seems particularly moody or irritable, that would indicate an unsuitable time to talk. Only bring up specific topics of conversation when your son is in the right frame of mind to discuss them.

Learn to Walk Away. If you’re in the middle of an argument, don’t try and have the last word as chances are you’ll be fighting a losing battle. Instead, simply walk away.

Don’t Bark Advice. If you’ve already talked about something, it’s not necessary to repeat it. Your son has already heard you and won’t want to listen to the same thing again. 

Offer Emotional Support. Although your son does need certain freedoms during adolescence, remember that you are still the parent, and your son needs to follow any rules you have set. By making mistakes, your son is learning to develop into a well-rounded person.

Take Control. You still need to protect your son, which is a valuable part of being a parent. However, your son also needs some freedom while learning to live independently and make his own decisions. Tags: ,

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