Oral Cancer in Men Over 40

The number of deaths occurring as a result of undiagnosed oral cancer in men over 40 is shocking.

Just some of the early symptoms for oral cancer detection can be things like sores, stains, frequent bleeding, changes in voice or pain in the mouth.

Although oral cancer can affect anyone, it is particularly prevalent in men over 40 who smoke and drink.  High sun exposure in men over 40 is another risk for this dangerous disease.

Oral cancer can occur in virtually any area of the mouth or throat. However, it tends to be most common under the lip as a sore, on the tongue, or any part of the mouth.

Oral cancer in men over 40Dental Visits Can Often Detect Early Symptoms of Oral Cancer in Men Over 40

Discovery of the symptoms of oral cancer in men over 40 often occurs after a visit to the dentist. Common things observed are red or white stains in the mouth, a persistent sore throat, bleeding, tooth loss, difficulty swallowing, a lump in the neck or a swollen jaw. Changes in voice and ear or throat pain are other common symptoms.

Fast Detection and Treatment is the Only Way to Beat Oral Cancer

90% of oral cancer can be successfully cured if detected and treated quickly enough. Unfortunately, many men over 40 don’t act soon enough, and the cancer has already spread to other parts of the body. Resultantly, one in four men over 40 dies as a result of not catching it soon enough (something common amongst many other health conditions)

Before any treatment for oral cancer takes place, it is vitally important to have any necessary dental work completed. This is so that no infections can occur, some of which can prove fatal. During treatment, dental work should not be carried out. Tags: ,

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