NLP Or Neuro Linguistic Programming for Men

Neuro-linguistic programming also known as NLP, is an effective tool for a man who is training to become better at what they do. It has something to do with the integration of three important concepts in our lives; It is the combination of our neuro (brain) processes, our linguistic inputs of experience, and the programming that occurs between the two. Neuro Linguistic Programming for Men can help with many aspects of life.

NLP for men works strongly with certain presumptions. One of these is that no two people are think alike. Another is that communication (linguistics) is more than just the exchange of words. Men can use NLP to conjure or influence things to work in their favour. This can be with the kids, at work or anywhere else in life.

In order to become better at these things through Neuro-linguistic programming, there is a technique called “Anchoring”. Let’s take a look at this basic NLP for men concept.

NLP for Men - mkae that connection

Anchoring Technique for Neuro-Linguistic Programming For Men

STEP 1: Try reminiscing and thinking back at a moment in which you felt confident, dominant, and alpha.

STEP 2: Close your eyes and relive or resuscitate every sensation associated with that experience in your mind. Make every taste, sight, sound, smell, and touch as vivid and realistic as possible. Let the feelings of confidence associated with the moment grow and take over your present self.

STEP 3: After successfully accomplishing step 2, picture yourself in the situations into which you would like to carry or impose those confident, alpha feelings, like talking to your boss or sitting a job interview.

STEP 4: Continue building the feeling of confidence and the feeling of self-worth increase. Count from one to ten, and as each number passes allow the feeling of confidence to swell even more.

STEP 5: When you feel that you are overflowing with confidence and securing in your alpha status, when your emotions and self-worth have reached their peak, you’re ready to think of an anchor.

NOTE: An anchor, in the world of NLP, is a physical gesture that causes you to experience a specific sensation. The anchor can be anything from pinching a particular part of your body, to pulling your ears, to snapping your fingers.

STEP 6: Repeat this process several times, to become more comfortable with it and to increase the strength of your anchor.

NLP for Men - find your anchor

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for Men

With these tools, you can condition yourself to experience importance and confidence. Once that state of mind is achieved, your self-worth and self-assurance is guaranteed to improve drastically. There is a lot more to NLP for men than this anchoring technique, but it can get you started on the right path. As a man approaching 50, sometimes we need a little reset on our brains. This is a great way to do it. Neuro-linguistic Programming For Dummies is a good guide if you want to learn more. Neuro Linguistic Programming for Men can help you with many things in life. Tags: ,

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