What Is Mindset? Why Is It Important for Men Approaching 50?

What Is Mindset? Why Is It Important for Men Approaching 50? What is mindset? It is essentially the view that you are either born with certain traits or characteristics and cannot change them. Or oppositely, through continual learning, can always better yourself. This is otherwise known as a fixed or growth mindset. Generally, people who achieve great things in life have a growth mindset, seeing each day as a new challenge with a list of endless possibility. You may have heard others talk about ‘4 types of mentalities’, ‘types of mindsets in business’ or ‘list of mindsets’. Perhaps you’ve even read other mindset articles or ‘types of mindsets pdf’. Regardless of your current understanding, our focus is to talk about the two main types of mindsets- growth and fixed.

Importance of Mindset in Your Life

Approaching the age of fifty can be a challenging time for any man. This busy period of your life can see sweeping changes to things like your career, health and relationships. Although we’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with a fixed or individual mindset, we do believe that a growth mindset can be particularly helpful for men of this age bracket to allow them to achieve more, keep fit and healthy, and seek the lifestyle they desire. These are just a couple of growth mindset real-world examples that can benefit your life, compared to the typical habitual mindset.

What Is Mindset?How to Determine Your Current Psyche

If you’re wondering ‘what is your mindset’, working out whether you have a fixed or growth mindset is pretty easy to determine. Simply answer a couple of questions to find out.

  • Do you believe intelligence is set from birth or can be improved during your lifetime?
  • Is it true that personality and ability can’t be changed?
  • Do you think it’s possible to change who you are?
  • Do you believe intelligence can be enhanced by learning?
  • Are you of the view that talent is black and white? I.e. You either have it or you don’t?
  • Do you think that with hard work, practice and learning, new talent can emerge?

If you agree most with points 1, 2 and 5, it’s likely that you have a fixed mindset. However, if you are more inclined to say yes to statements 3, 4 and 6, it’s more likely that you have a growth mindset. Tags: , ,

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