If you have recognised some of the symptoms of male menopause in part 1, you may now be wondering whether you are actually suffering from andropause, and if so, how you can go about treating it.

Our advice is that unless the male menopause is causing you real problems, you can probably manage the symptoms yourself with no further treatment being needed. However, don’t feel that you should suffer in silence if you are having troublesome symptoms. We understand that some men can put off seeing their doctor as they are simply too embarrassed to talk about the subject.

Want to Reduce Your Male Menopause Symptoms? Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Help

If you do decide to go and speak to your healthcare professional, they may advise a number of things to ease your symptoms. Typically, these include things like improving your diet, taking more exercise, sleeping more, and reducing your stress levels. If you are currently struggling with male menopause symptoms, you will probably see a massive improvement just by trying these things.

male menopauseAndropause can have a number of psychological symptoms for men approaching 50, such as depression. Your GP may feel it is necessary to prescribe you anti-depressants to help you cope with your symptoms. You may also be referred to a therapist.

Hormone replacement therapy could be suggested as a treatment for male menopause. However, be careful with this one, as it can cause some damaging side effects. For example, it can elevate certain types of cancer. Think carefully before having hormone replacement therapy as it may cause more damage than good.

Experiencing Male Menopause Symptoms? Don’t Worry, Help is Out There…

Experiencing the lowering of testosterone as you age is perfectly normal. Most men are able to effectively manage their symptoms. However, if you are having difficulty, speak to your doctor who can offer advice. Tags: ,

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