Losing Weight Men Over 40: Part 2

The key to losing weight men over 40 is not to start by taking up regular exercise or a radical diet which promises to shed those excess pounds. At this point, you may feel confused. After all, surely they’re the perfect start, right?

The truth is they are important, but later on in the weight loss journey. The first two things required in losing weight men over 40 is to optimise your sleep pattern and adopt a weight loss mindset. We will focus on the former in this blog and the latter next time round.

Why is Sleep Important in Losing Weight Men Over 40?

Sleep is a time when all the major hormones in your body regulate themselves. These hormones need to be balanced when losing weight men over 40.

The hormones which level out as you sleep include:

Growth hormones. This is an important anti-ageing hormone which peaks at night and helps the body burn fat, build muscle and repair tissues.

Insulin. Insulin is lowest at night when it enables our metabolism to burn high levels of fat. This hormone is critical for fat and food storage.

Cortisol. This is the main stress hormone in our bodies which is at its lowest at night. Its role is to help our cells relax and rejuvenate.

Weight loss men over 40Main Things to Remember About Sleep & Weight Loss

The truth is that if you don’t get enough sleep, the fat storing and burning hormones in your body won’t function properly and you won’t be able to effectively lose weight. Even just one interrupted night’s sleep, and your body’s growth hormones and cortisol levels will rise, while your metabolic rate will reduce and insulin resistance grow.

But don’t just take our word for it. A recent study at the University of Chicago revealed those who tried to lose weight with insufficient sleep will lose little to no fat.

So, as a guide, try and get between six or seven hours sleep per night. To learn more on improving your sleep, why not check out this post? Tags: ,

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