Keto Diet Men Over 40: Part 1

The Keto diet men over 40 is a diet that effectively burns fat through consuming a low carb, medium protein and high-fat diet which ultimately results in weight loss. Aside from this, it also helps improve general health and performance which has been proven through numerous studies.

Frequently recommended by health professionals, it is the ideal diet to lose weight without the feeling of hunger that most diets bring. It is particularly effective for anybody suffering from type 2 diabetes. In these blog posts, we will show you how to eat a keto-based diet and provide all the information you need to know to be successful with it.

What is the Keto Diet Men Over 40?

Keto diet men over 40 is a high fat, low carb diet which is comparable to other low carb diets. It is based on the principles of eating fewer carbohydrates while consuming moderate levels of protein. You may also need to increase your intake of fat.

The result of eating fewer carbohydrates puts your body in a state called Ketosis.

Keto diet men over 40Does ‘Keto’ Have a Specific Meaning?

‘Keto’ is actually a shorter version of the word ‘ketogenic’ which is a process that happens within the body. It enables you to produce small fuel molecules known as ‘ketones‘. These act as a fuel source for the body if you don’t have enough glucose available.

With the Keto diet, you eat fewer calories and carbs which means your liver starts generating ketones from fat. Although they help fuel your entire body, they are particularly effective for your brain. This is because the brain is an energy-intensive organ that requires glucose and ketones, rather than just fats alone.

The ketogenic diet works in a similar way to a hybrid vehicle. Once it runs out of one type of fuel supply, it switches to another in order to continue running 24/7. When insulin is low, fat burning goes into overdrive.

This is good news if you’re trying to lose weight and you won’t feel the hunger you would in fasting. Plus, you’ll have plenty of energy too.

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