How To Unplug From Your Life

How To Unplug From Your Life. We are connected to our world, our life, our job by the devices we own all the time. You don’t know how to unplug from your life. It’s one of the wonders of the modern world that we can stay connected with anyone and anything 24 hours a day. But it is also one of the tragedies of modern life that we can’t disconnect from all of this. Men approaching fifty didn’t grow up with this level of technology.

When I was young, Manic Miner was about as sophisticated as a video game could get. We now have Virtual Reality where we feel like we are in a whole situation. Games like Fortnite have taken over the imagination of our kids. We can binge watch a boxset of a TV programme for hours on end – all night sometimes.

All of this stops us from being in control of our own time. We wake up, plug straight into the world, our business or whatever takes up our time. We turn to our smartphone and look at Facebook before we say ‘good morning,’ to our kids. And we check our work emails before we even get out of bed. It’s like we cannot disconnect from the digital world we occupy.

There are some simple steps that you should start your day with –

  • Start positive
  • Avoid the news
  • Stay away from the moaning on social media

These are the basic tenets that unplugging should begin with. There will be long periods of the day where you must stay plugged in. But there are also some others that you will want to unplug from. How to unplug from your life is part of a routine. It takes a little while to form a habit.

How To Unplug From Your Life

What Does Unplugging Acheive?

If you know how to unplug from your life, that’s great. But you should also know why you are unplugging. Being disconnected from all the stresses of modern life for a period of time every day (yes, every singe day) helps you to be more productive.

It can seem counterintuitive to men approaching fifty that taking time away from things gets more done. But it actually does. And it allows you to appreciate all that you have.

Stopping to decide what is important in the coming day will help to focus the mind. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, it is important to manage your focus and your energy. It might only be ten minutes, but it gives you the ability to connect to your world.

How To Unplug From Your Life

How To Unplug From Your Life

Time is a pressing factor for so many of us. There are pressures from work, from the kids, family life, etc. There are some activities that don’t take up a great deal of time, but add a huge amount of value to our lives. It helps us to stay sharp, unplug from he noise and be more creative. Think about some of these activities –

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Taking a walk
  • Sit without thinking

Taking the time to unplug can change your world. You will realise what is important and tap into the flow far more readily. It reduces stress levels and allows you to become proactive rather than reactive. Try looking at what is important to you. It can make a huge difference. Tags: ,

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