How to Treat Mental Health Concerns in Men and Women

Our previous post was on mental health issues in males vs females. If you missed it, we recommend backtracking and taking a look before reading this.

We mentioned that mental health problems in men and women tend to be caused by different things. In women, things like pregnancy or hormone imbalance can cause depression and PTSD while in men, money trouble or divorce are more common triggers. Men are also less likely to seek help than women.

With this in mind, we’ve put some tips together if you need to help someone with a mental health issue, or even help yourself.

male menopauseSeeking Treatment for Mental Health Concerns in Men and Women

Firstly, we will say that you need to seek professional help. This may come in the form of therapy on its own, or a duel treatment plan, like medication and therapy. 

Find a treatment plan that works for you and don’t feel ashamed that you need help. This is a particular problem for men who often struggle to open up regarding how they’re feeling.

Other Ways You Can Help Yourself

Besides seeking professional help, there are things you can do yourself, like:

  • Discuss your feelings with others. Many men turn to violence or drugs if they’re struggling. However, there are better ways to vent anger. Like taking a walk or doing a workout.
  • Manage stress properly. Stress can make a mental health issue a whole lot worse. If you feel stressed, do some meditation, deep breathing, or as already mentioned, a workout.
  • Look after yourself. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, eat a balanced diet and be sure to drink enough water.
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