How to Tone Up Men Over 40: Part 2

If you looked at part 1, you’ll know a bit more regarding the importance of setting your own goals, and how to start out in a regular fitness regime when learning how to tone up men over 40. This time around, we will talk about split fitness routines, different types which exist, and why they could help you become fitter.

Looking For How to Tone Up Men Over 40? Start With Split Routines

Split routines aren’t full workouts. Instead, different areas of the body are worked on over separate days or during different workouts. The main advantage of doing this is that your body has more time to recover, and, therefore, becomes less prone to damage and injury.

With split routines, you can create your own goals and set times to suit your own schedule. After all, not everyone can get down to the gym every day, or spend hours there. Instead, the gym can be thought of as somewhere you can work on strength training which can’t be done at home.

Although we are unable to cover all types of splits (after all, there are many out there) we can go over the most common when getting to grips with how to tone up men over 40. These include:

  • Upper body – lower body – core & flexibility
  • Push – pull – core & flexibility
  • Legs -chest/traps/shoulders – back – arms

Upper Body – Lower Body – Core & Flexibility

These upper body workout & lower body workout are particularly good for those who haven’t been to the gym in a while or have maybe never actually been in the gym before.  It works all muscles in the above areas and is relatively easy to perform.

Lower body workout. This workout will work your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. As legs will receive particular attention, your metabolic rate will probably rise as a result. Try and do these workouts early in the week to get them out the way. Leaving them until later can only result in avoiding and missing them entirely.

Upper body workout. This gives you the chance to work your chest, back width, back isolation, shoulders, biceps, triceps and forearms. Try and do the workout in this order. It allows pushing muscles to rest whilst doing pulling muscle exercises.

Core flexibility. This gives you the chance to work abdominals, spinal erectors, hip flexors and allows you to stretch fully. In order to avoid injuries, you will need both a strong core and a good degree of flexibility for fitness for men over 40. Tags: ,

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