How To Talk So Teens Will Listen

The teen years can be stressful for both teens and parents. Teenagers face a number of challenges these days and so does the parents. Talk So Teens Will Listen and you are on the right track. The more society changes over time, the more challenges faced by the teens. In the modern world, everything about teenagers is unique:

The way they dress

Also the way they act 

And the way they speak

Teenagers are known to be insecure, moody, argumentative, impulsive, impressionable, reckless and rebellious – and that’s on the good days!

In order to have a more satisfying relationship and reduced conflict with your teenager and to pique their interest in your words of wisdom, there are steps to be taken and things to bear in mind while conversing with them.

5 Ways To Talk So Teens Will Listen Effectively


Teenagers crave for a happy communication with their parents as much as parents or adults want their kids to confide in them and tell them their secrets. The key is not lecturing them or talking to them as though they have no opinion in the subject matter. They get tired receiving lectures in school and don’t need that same stress from their parents when they get home. Having a heart to heart conversation with them would be a good strategy to get teens to listen to you

Talk So Teens Will Listen


The conversation between any two people will be pointless if any one person is put on the defensive and made to feel he is at fault being or blamed for something. Converse with your teen and let them see the reasons why following up with whatever you’re proposing will be better than going about it their own way.

  1. RESPECT YOUR TEEN’S OPINIONS imp point for Talk So Teens Will Listen

Nobody likes being neglected and ignored. Give listening ears to your teens and let them feel a sense of importance. Then weigh your opinion and theirs so they see why yours could be better to go along with. It is a great way to get them to listen. And also a great way to listen to them. The book How to Talk so Teens will Listen & Listen so Teens Will Talk is a great resource when it comes to developing this technique.


Keep it short and simple. Don’t over-emphasize your points. Present your idea in a way that won’t seem like you are trying to buy them into your own point of view. Hit the point and excuse them with the lectures. Short and sweet really wins the day here. Don’t think a long talk is always the way to go.

Talk So Teens Will Listen

  1. BE OPEN WITH YOUR BODY LANGUAGE for Talk So Teens Will Listen

Display a welcoming and open body language. Stand upright; demonstrate in a friendly manner while talking to them. It will present a friendly environment and give them the impression that they are communicating with a friend. They will respect that.

Talk So Teens Will Listen

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