How to Get Stronger Men Over 40: Part 4

Last time, we introduced the push – pull – core routine as part of our blog series on how to get stronger men over 40. This is an ideal routine for someone who hasn’t visited the gym for a while or is perhaps even new to a regular fitness regime.

This time around, we introduce a more complex routine. The legs – chest/traps/shoulders – back – arms routine.

This routine is perfect for improving multiple body parts and can enhance your physique considerably if done regularly.

Routines Used in How to Get Stronger Men Over 40

Just like other routines used in how to get stronger men over 40, this one is split up over several days. Each separate day gives you the chance to work a different part of your body.

Leg day

On this day, you will work your quads, hamstrings and glutes, and your calves. Although you can do this routine any day you like, we recommend Monday. As everyone else usually works their arms or chest on this day. Providing you with free equipment in the gym.

Chest, Shoulders & Traps Day

On this day, you’ll do chest pressing, chest isolation, traps, shoulder pressing and finally some shoulder isolation. By putting the traps in the middle of the routine, this gives you the chance to rest your triceps, giving you enough energy to do your shoulder presses.

Back Day

On this day, you will work your back width, back thickness and some back isolation moves. Because this is kept separate from your leg exercises, you’ll have some time to recover as you are using two separate muscle groups on individual days.

Arm Day

The arm day involves triceps pressing, heavy bicep curls, tricep isolation, bicep isolation curls and forearm exercises.

how to get stronger men over 40Other Things to Think About

If your heart is racing and needs to slow down, consider hopping on a treadmill for five to ten minutes. It’ll help you slow down and allow your body to cool down too. Complete the same exercises at home if you decide not to have a core and flexibility day in the gym. Tags: ,

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