How Much Weight Can You Lose on C9 ?

I have reached the end of the 9 days of my Forever Living C9 program and the question keep on popping up – How much weight can you lose on C9 ? This is a really valid question because, even though the product isn’t just a diet plan, many people choose it to shed a few pounds as well as all the other benefits.

How much weight can you lose on C9 depends on quite a few factors, such as –

  • If you were overweight before the C9
  • If so, by how much
  • Whether you were able to follow ALL parts of the program
  • If you exercised at all during the C9
  • Your age, height and general wellness before

And there will be other factors too, as some people will react well to some of the supplements such as Garcinia, while others won’t feel the same benefit. That’s just human nature. All I can tell you is my story as I look to answer the question –

How much weight can you lose on C9 ?

So, let’s take a look at what it meant for me.

How Much Weight Can You Lose on C9 - the weigh in

How Much Weight Can You Lose on C9? My Story

I started the week in probably the lowest weight I had been in my adult life. I am 44, so as a man approaching fifty I wanted to see what this did for me. The week began with me topping the scales at 15 stone 6 pounds. And at the end of the 9 days I had lost 8 pounds. And the weight is still dropping off. The day after I lost another pound!

The C9 is designed to give you the right habits – and that is how the weight still comes off when you have finished the programme. How much weight can you lose on the C9 ? is a little like how long is a piece of string – the start is fixed but the end is blurred as far as I’m concerned. Thanks for reading my story and stay tuned for one final blog relating to the Forever Living C9 where I give you the full lowdown on the before and after!

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Reaching the ripe old age of 44 has got me thinking about the next milestone birthday - the Big Five-O! I share with you my experiences of what these years mean to me. Thanks for stopping by!

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