How Much Water Should a Man Approaching 50 Drink?

It’s no longer news that the body is composed of about 60% water. This element an integral part of the human body. We’ve read and heard different opinions from professional health specialists on how much water you should take per day. The question always crops up – how much water should a man drink? Most health authorities commonly recommend eight 8 glasses, which equals about 2 litres. In this article, we will briefly discuss how much water should a man approaching 50 should drink.

While some health practitioners believe that regular intake of water throughout the day, even when you’re not thirsty is vital for the body as it improves your overall health condition; others recommend that you drink water only when you feel thirsty.

Well, different people with their different opinions. However, it is important to note that there are several factors (both internal and external) that ultimately affect your need for water. Dehydration is so prevalent among adults, especially men. In the light of this, adults need to stay hydrated in other to promote homeostasis (maintaining a constant temperature throughout the body) as body temperature typically decreases as we age.

How much water should a man drink?

Why Should A Man Drink Water?

Here are some reasons why dehydration is so common among older adults:

  1. As people get older, body water content naturally decreases.
  2. As we age, the kidneys tend to have a reduced ability to concentrate urine and retain water during water deprivation.
  3. Specific conditions such as reduced ability to swallow, comprehension and communication disorders and decreased mobility can contribute to dehydration.

In light of the aforementioned reasons, men approaching 50 years of age should drink at least 9 to 11 glasses of water a day. This is in order to stay agile, strong and fit to carry on with life without the risk of health deterioration.

Countless health issues respond well to increased water intake:

  1. Constipation: Since constipation is related to dehydration in the colon, drinking a lot of water is recommended.
  2. Kidney Stone: Drinking enough water can reduce the risk of kidney diseases as water helps to produce more urine which is helpful in flushing out waste products.
  3. Acne and Skin Hydration: Studies have shown that drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will help rid the body and skin of toxins and wrinkles as a man age. In addition, daily water intake helps the skin glow and gives a loving texture and feel to the skin.

So, How Much Water Should A Man Drink?

Now we have a good ideas of how much water a man should drink. Water is one of the few substances that have no side effect when consumed in excess. When you make drinking water a habit, your overall health will be improved. Get yours now! Tags: ,

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