Hormones Changes Men Over 40. Main Things You Should Know. Part 1

When we think about testosterone, we think of this as very much a male hormone, whereas women are more associated with estrogen. Nevertheless, both women and men have both, albeit in different quantities. 

Hormones Changes Men Over 40, and having too much or too little testosterone can have various effects on the body. This is because it is a hormone that affects the workings of the entire body. Women also have testosterone but in lower amounts. 

Indeed, the view that men are hunter-gatherers who take home the deer for the family is not far from the truth. They see themselves as fighters who keep themselves and their family protected. Testosterone is a major component of this, as well as being important for men’s health too.

There are many reasons why men need sufficient amounts of testosterone in their body. As well as improving muscle strength, it helps improve libido, mood and outlook, amongst other things. It is not untrue that men also have estrogen in their bodies. A substance which is less important for males, but prominent in women, and allows their bodies to work properly.

Hormones changes men over 40Changes Over Time as a Result of Hormones Changes Men Over 40

Testosterone in men does fall as he gets older. Connected with this is a number of side effects. Such as weight gain around the abdomen, difficulty in developing lean muscle mass, depression, poorer outlook and reduced sex drive. 

Poor levels of testosterone caused by Hormones Changes Men Over 40 have also been linked with many other conditions too. Such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis, amongst many others. 

Older men can also experience symptoms associated with rising estrogen levels. These include things like being more upset easily, but consequently can allow men to form better relationships with both their partners and friends. Albeit, these changes can be difficult to deal with. The most common include things like hair loss, reduced libido and loss of muscle mass. As such, it can be a difficult time for men in comparison to their younger years.

Thankfully, exercise is one way to combat these effects. Take a look at this post to learn more. Tags:

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