Hormonal Shift Men Over 40. Main Things You Should Know. Part 2

If you’re going through hormonal shift men over 40, and think you may be suffering from lowered testosterone, there are various simple tests that can be carried out to check your levels. The most common is a saliva or blood test to measure your estrogen levels. Specifically, this will look at how well your estrogen is converting. Such tests also measure things like cortisol and DHEA levels, useful indicators of adrenal status and testosterone supplementation.

Hormonal Shift Men Over 40 & Increasing Testosterone Levels

If you find out that your testosterone levels are low, there are easy ways to increase it. Transdermal gels are probably the most convenient. Although injections are also available, which are normally done weekly. Combining these with B12 supplements can also provide you with more energy. Generally, most prefer to deal with hormonal shift men over 40 by using gel. It’s more consistent than injections and can be applied at home.

What Testosterone Therapy Does

The role of testosterone therapy isn’t to boost your levels out of the safe range. Instead, it increases your levels to what would be considered the highest part of the normal range. So, rather than reverting your levels to something comparable to a 20-year-old man, it optimises you at your current age. Hopefully providing you with many benefits such as higher strength and empowerment, better sex life and overall better health.

Hormonal Shift Men Over 40Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

If you suffer chronic illness, testosterone therapy can have a number of benefits. It has been proven to be useful for treating Lyme disease because it reduces cortisol levels which subsequently lowers testosterone. If you suffer chronic infection which can take its toll on the pituitary gland, testosterone can lower in the testes. So, testosterone supplements can help with this.

Improve Your Testosterone Levels Today

We feel men shouldn’t have to suffer from the side effects of reduced testosterone. As long as you take supplements safely and in the correct schedule, they really can improve a man’s vitality. Interested in improving your testosterone levels? Speak to your medical professional today to find out more. Tags: ,

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