Men Approaching 50 & Fitness: 5 Pieces Of Kit Every Man Should Own

For many, the words ‘Men Approaching 50 & Fitness’ simply don’t go together. Many men approaching this milestone simply don’t have time to attend their local gym, or just don’t want to attend a busy gym full stop. Luckily, there is another way to work out, by creating your very own home gym. So buy the necessary equipment, and get in shape today.

Man approaching 50 weightlifting in mirror; Men Approaching 50 & Fitness: 5 Pieces Of Kit Every Man Should Own

Home Gyms. The Essentials

The topic of ‘Men Approaching 50 & Fitness’ can be difficult for many. But it doesn’t have to be. Men that struggle to go to their local gym regularly can opt for their own home gym with these essential items:

Dual resistance air and magnetic rowing machine. As a man approaching 50, you may notice that you have gained weight around the middle. Thankfully, this can be combated by using a rowing machine, such as this JLL model. We don’t deny that at £599.99 it is a cheap option, but it allows you to do many different workouts. Head to your local Argos to get yours today.

JLL® IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike. For a cheaper option to the rower, this JLL exercise bike is definitely affordable at £184.99 on Amazon and is great for boosting cardiovascular fitness or as a warmup. It even features an on-board computer to track all your fitness goals and progress.

Men’s Health Adjustable Dumbbell. A common health goal for men nearing the age of 50 is to gain muscle. In our opinion, there’s not a better way to achieve this than using these dumbbells from Men’s Health. They are adjustable up to 32.5 kgs and are available at Argos for just £129.99.

Men’s Health Resistance Bands (Set of 3). Due to increasing demands in lifestyle, many men approaching 50 neglect their workout regime. Thankfully, these resistance bands are usable no matter your fitness level and are compatible with a range of workouts. Buy yours from Argos at £29.99.

Adidas Men’s Training Mat. If you don’t own a training mat for your home gym, you’re missing out on an essential bit of kit. Ideal for weightlifting, stretching and even yoga, this mat from big brand Adidas, is reversible and has a handy carry strap too. Available or £26.99 on Amazon UK.

Home fitness equipment including exercise ball, skipping rope and dumbbells; Men Approaching 50 & Fitness: 5 Pieces Of Kit Every Man Should Own

Men Approaching 50 & Fitness: The Lowdown

As a man approaching 50, it is vitally important to keep fit and healthy. However, this is easier said and done, as things such as full time hours and family commitments get in the way. Thankfully, men nearing 50 can set up a home gym, giving them everything they need to maintain their fitness in the comfort and privacy of their own home whilst avoiding those busy gyms.



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