Health Checks for a Man Approaching 50 – Quick List Guide

Keeping healthy once you approach 50 requires vigilance and regular check-ups to spot early warning signs of conditions and to make sure you are in optimal health. We recommend visiting your GP or health provider to have the following checks for men approaching 50.

Here is our quick list guide to the screenings, medical tests and assessments you should consider as a man approaching 50 –

The Most Important Health Checks

Full body exam. Things such as height, weight and BMI should be checked. Blood and urine samples may also be checked as they tend to be a good indicator of health problems. This exam may also involve screening for mental health as well. This should be completed every 2 years.

Blood pressure monitoring. Having high blood pressure can lead to things such as diabetes, heart problems and kidney failure. Make sure to have blood pressure checked every 12 months or sooner if recommended. Certain medications such as aspirin may be issued to reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Take a look at how salt can affect your blood pressure levels of men approaching 50. If you are concerned then you can use Blood Pressure Monitor at home.

Check for colorectal cancer. A particularly important check for men approaching 50 so speak to your GP for more information about this.

Appropriate immunizations such as flu injection, tetanus booster and hepatitis vaccine. Make sure you are up to date with these. If you are travelling abroad regularly then you should also be on top of your vaccinations for the relevant countries. Information on this can be found on the NHS website in the UK or the equivalent wherever you are in the world.

Blood pressure as one of the healrh checks for a man approaching 50

Other Health Checks to Consider

Cholesterol. This should be checked every five years at a minimum or as recommended by your GP. Some foods can have an impact on the cholesterol levels in men approaching 50 so it is best to make sure you put in the right fuel.

Dental check-up and cleaning. This should be done between 6 months to a year.

Eye test. Make sure you have an eye test once every two years or when recommended by an optometrist.

Skin check. Ensure you have your skin checked regularly so that potential early warning signs of skin cancer can be spotted.

Electrocardiogram to check heart activity – especially important if you have suffered from heart problems in the past or if it runs in the family.

Check of prostate and checks for testicular cancer, as these are prevalent in men from the age of fifty onwards. Too many men are embarrassed to talk about this. Don’t shy away from getting checked out. Tags: ,

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