Why a Growth Mindset Can Change Your Life: A Guide for Men

Why a Growth Mindset Can Change Your Life: A Guide for Men. It was over 30 years ago that Carol Dweck first started developing the concept of the growth mindset. Along with some of her colleagues, she started to look in-depth at students attitudes towards failure. What soon became clear was that some students accepted failure very easily, and move on from it. Contrastingly, however, other students could not, and appeared to be deeply affected by even the smallest of setbacks.

It was from these initial beginnings that the terms ‘fixed’ and ‘growth mindset‘ came into existence. Basically, for someone to become smarter, they have to be committed to putting in the effort. However, the role of teachers or bosses does play a part too. The feedback that is delivered to students by teachers can be the difference between nurturing and the student giving up completely.

Growth MindsetIs the Concept of a Growth Mindset Backed Up by Any Real Science?

This is not only a concept on its own, but is backed up by solid science. Specifically neuroscience and neurons. it has been shown that the more questions, effort and practice that someone puts into something, the better connections that can be made between neurons. New networks also develop, and interact more quickly between each other. So ultimately, with more motivation comes more achievement.

How Can I Develop This Myself?

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you read our previous blog, you’ll know a little bit about fixed vs growth mindset, and why having a growth mindset is generally more advantageous. Particularly as far as employment and your career are concerned. Our ultimate advice? Take this test to discover where you sit on the mindset continuum. Then work on changing your fixed tendencies to develop your mindset even further. Why a Growth Mindset Can Change Your Life: A Guide for Men.



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