Glucomannan And Men Approaching Fifty

There are many diets out there. Some work, others don’t. Glucomannan might be the difference you are looking for. One of the biggest issues when dieting is that people don’t create new habits. They lose some weight with a short-term fix, but don’t change the way they live their life. It’s only when we make permanent changes that our world changes with it.

We’re told it takes at least 28 days to form a habit. It’s little wonder that a diet programme over a week or two doesn’t make a massive lifestyle difference over the long run. We lose weight. We put it back on. Glucomannan might help you to lose weight over a longer period of time, and thus create habits that will stay with you for longer.

Glucomannan and obesity

What Is Glucomannan?

It is a fibre that has a remarkable property – it expands when exposed to water. It is being used in some diet programmes to help stave off hunger. The idea is that you swallow the pill containing glucomannan and drink plenty of water. It then expands in your stomach and you feel fuller. This means you eat less, naturally. It has been nicknamed ‘gastric band in a pill.’

These diet programmes last for up to 6 months, so you can build up a habit. Your lifestyle changes over this period of time, and you get to lose weight healthily, with a new way of eating and living.

Healthy food

What Are The Most Effective Glucomannan Programmes?

If you do a Google search, then you will find a stack of results. But you need to know what the best options are. Nutricode is an established programme from an established company with some great reviews. They are backed up by a doctor (always a good sign) so you have peace of mind.

Glucomannan could be an essential part of your creating a new habit and making your weight loss permanent. Check it out, and see where it can take you. Tags: ,

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Why The Big Five-O Was Born

There are so many pressures for men approaching fifty. Our health and fitness levels are not what they used to be. Our kids pose a bigger challenge every day. Work, mental health and diet are everyday challenges. We can end up feeling crushed and ready to throw in the towel.

These feelings have often festered for many years. It’s a shock to the system if we stop and think about it.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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