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I’m nearly there! I’ve reached Day 8 of the C9 and want to share with you a big chunk of my experience. Forever Living C9 reviews often tell you about weight loss. But for me, there is far more to it than that. I have experienced some things during these first 8 days that you may not have readily expected. So, differently to other Forever Living C9 reviews I will talk a little about the other health benefits I have encountered, including –

  • Better skin, hair and nails
  • Sleeping like a baby
  • Higher immune system
  • A closer connection to my food

Let’s take a look at the things that the other Forever Living C9 don’t tell you!

Better Skin, Hair, and Nails – Forever Living C9 Reviews

I feel like everything about my body feels better. And one area that has been really noticeable has been the way my skin hair and nails have looked. My skin has never been particularly troublesome but in the weeks running up to the C9 I got more spots and didn’t feel great. This has cleared up no end. And my hair feels softer too. Add to this the fact that my nails have grown really quickly and you can see an effect from the C9 this time. When you look at Forever Living C9 reviews, don’t forget to consider more than just weight loss.

Forever Living C9 Reviews - softer, smoother hair

Forever Living C9 Reviews: Sleeping Like a Baby

My sleep has been great on the C9. I have been getting a solid 7 and a half hours every night with a little more at the weekend. anyone who knows me will understand how good this is. I had struggled to sleep beyond around 5 or 6 o’clock for a number of years. This has changed without a doubt this eight days. Forever Living C9 worth their salt should let you know about the sleep thing too.

Forever Living C9 Reviews - sleep like a baby

Higher Immune System

I started the C9 around people who had a stomach bug and have spent most of the rest of it around people who have had a full cold. And none of it has affected me in the slightest. I link this personally with the fact that when my body isn’t dealing with toxins, it becomes the well-oiled machine that is able to deal with other nasties with ease. Added to the fact that I have been feeding my body with nutrients from the shake and plenty of vegetables, this means I have been in peak condition. Maybe this is something that other Forever Living C9 reviews have missed.

Forever Living C9 Reviews - your immune system

A Closer Connection to My Food – Forever Living C9 Reviews

I can’t say enough about this. I think that one of the major plusses of the C9 is the way it forms good habits. Knowing what I am putting in my body has changed the way I view each meal. Rather than grab a bar of chocolate and get that boost, I think about the long term effects that will have on me. So, I look to control the portion size at meal times and go for fruit in between. I have been hitting probably 15 portions of fruit and veg a day rather than 5 and this leaves me feeling like I am filled with goodness and not sluggish at all. If you are looking at Forever Living C9  online then don’t overlook this fact.

Forever Living C9 Reviews and the connection to food

Forever Living C9 Reviews – My story

Thanks for reading. I have enjoyed the C9 and finish it tomorrow. Then I will share with you all of the results I have achieved. It will be really interesting to see how as a man approaching 50 I have been able to make a difference to my health. I hope this has been one of the more enlightening Forever Living C9 reviews and helps you to understand that it is about far more than weight loss. Tags: ,

Reaching the ripe old age of 44 has got me thinking about the next milestone birthday - the Big Five-O! I share with you my experiences of what these years mean to me. Thanks for stopping by!

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