Forever Living C9 For Men in Their 40’s – Day 3

I have reached day 3 of my Forever Living C9 programme and this is the point where things change a little. Day’s 1 and 2 are the ‘Reset’ part of the Forever Living C9 programme and they are vital to get the detox going and rid your body of the toxins that lie within. But you can’t give your body very little in the way of calories forever. I found that two days was enough of this. The difference it made to the way I feel was great, but what I didn’t want to do was to start to feel weak.

On the Forever Living C9 I was very aware that I was low on energy. Not in a drained or lethargic way but coming close to the next batch of supplements I could really tell I was ready for the next one. There’s nothing wrong with this at all. I think that far too many people have a poor relationship with food. As a man in my forties, I should really know better. We should eat food to live and unfortunately we are killing ourselves with the food we eat. The section on this website relating to diet should help to give you a heads up as a man approaching fifty of the foods you need (and the ones you should avoid) at this stage of your life.

There are a couple of things that I have really noticed on the Forever living C9 this time and I think they are particularly relevant for a man approaching 50. Let’s take a look –

C9 and Salt

I didn’t think that I usually consumed a great deal of salt in my diet. I would guess from the amount of salt in my sweat over the last few days that this isn’t the case! Excess salt isn’t good for you. There are many other ways of flavouring your food. To this end, I have been flavouring my food with other things –

  • Shallots steamed with the rest of my veg
  • Herbs as part of the meal
  • Lemon and lime juice to dress my food
  • Black pepper – I used this a lot anyway but can taste it even more with less salt

Forever Living C9 and salt

I have been taken aback a little over the first three days of the Forever Living C9 in relation to the salt. I suggest that we are all at risk of higher blood pressure and all of the issues that come with it due to the salt intake in our diet. There seems to be enough of it in the foods we eat already, so I suggest using the ideas above to preserve your health and still have a tasty diet.

Forever Living C9 and Water

It actually says in the Forever Living C9 booklet that you should cut out the salt. And another often-repeated thing in that booklet relates to water consumption. They say that we should drink around 2  to 3 litres of water a day as a man approaching 50. This might feel like a lot when you put it like this, but you should be aware of the health benefits of drinking water as a man in the 40’s, including –

  • It helps you to pass unwanted water and toxins through urination and sweat – one of the reasons the Forever Living C9 programme urges you to drink lots of fluids
  • It helps to regulate the temperature, which is important for a man approaching fifty to stay cool when needed and warm when needed too
  • Lubricates and cushions joints, which can come under strain at this time of life
  • Protects sensitive tissues in the body

Forever Living C9 and water

This means being aware of how much water you are drinking and when you start to feel dehydrated. As far as the Forever Living C9 goes, this only accentuates the need for water in your daily diet. You should stay topped up as your body will need it. Tags: ,

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