The Exercises You Must Never Do After 50

The Exercises You Must Never Do After 50. You just can’t work out in your fifties the way you did back in your 20’s and 30’s. Your body has changed in the meantime. You need to exercise accordingly. Sometimes it’s just a case of taking it easy. On other occasions you should just skip an exercise completely. Here are the exercises you must never do after 50.

Remember that each of us is built differently. If you are currently getting a great deal of success from an exercise, then you don’t have to drop it immediately. But we do recommend you keep an eye on your body. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the exercises you must never do after 50.

The Overhead Press

Lifting weights above your head either with a barbell or dumbbell helps to build muscle in your younger years. But the strain on the shoulders is immense. You see it’s the rotator cuff tendon that doesn’t quite hold the same strength as you reach fifty and above. This is definitely one exercise we recommend you stop as you get older.


Aa you get older, your need for speed reduces. We guess it has something to do with the way we lived in the past. When we were young, we needed to give chase to our prey. As we got older, there were younger people in the tribe to take care of it. Stamina is the name of the game. Running longer distances is the order of the day as you get older.

Exercises You Must Never Do After 50


This might sound obvious but excessive jumping is one of the exercises you must never do after 50. The strain on the knees and other joints can take its toll as we age. It is great for building explosive power when we are in our 30’s and even 40’s. But over time, this is an exercise you should start to phase out. We need those knees for another 50 years or so!

Heavy Weights

This is all about the repetition now. Whereas you might push the heavy weights when you are younger, fifty plus is the time to lighten the load a little and go for more reps. Look for safe weights and look for 10 or more repetitions. This will help you maintain muscle and stay in shape, while taking away the injury potential of heavier weights.

The Exercises You Must Never Do After 50

It seems like quite a statement to make, but there are good reasons behind leaving out certain exercises after the age of fifty. We want to stay in shape, but also need to look after our changing body. Tags: ,

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