Doing Drugs in Your 40s

If you’ve already seen our previous blogs on cocaine and drug use, you’ll probably realise that doing drugs in your 40s or more later in your life can cause nothing but problems. After all, your body won’t be what it once was, although your mind will somewhat still be in its prime. The biggest problem with taking drugs, in our opinion, when you’re in your forties and fifties, is the vicious cycle and dependency it can trigger. Don’t believe us? Here’s a real-life story of one middle-aged drug user that became hooked. 

Thinking of Doing Drugs in Your 40s or Later?

Read Dejan’s story below, and hopefully, this will put you off for good.

“Throughout my life, I’ve always experimented with cocaine and amphetamines, largely at parties or in clubs. Ultimately, nothing good comes of it. In fact, it’ll probably just lead you to want more. Doing drugs in your forties or even later than this will only leave you with a bad conscience, making you realise that you’ve wasted a lot of money on something that is potentially doing you great harm. If I could rewind the clock and not experiment with drugs, I would.”

Deyan’s message here is clear. No matter your age, avoid drugs.

Need help with drug addiction? Check out this page on the NHS website. Tags: ,

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