Detection & Treatment of Oral Cancer in Men Over 40

The risk of developing oral cancer in men over 40 is more prevalent in this generation. If you display some of the symptoms of oral cancer, a biopsy of your gums or tongue will need to be performed. This involves the surgical removal of the unhealthy fragment identified. After the tongue is numbed, a small fragment of tissue will be removed with a needle. This allows the medical professional to work out the cause of the abnormal tissue.

Oral Cancer in Men Over 40. Detection & Treatment

Working out how far the cancer has spread can be done with an x-ray or CT scan. If it comes back that it is cancer, there are a couple of options for removal. Surgical removal can be used for small tumours. Radiotherapy or chemotherapy can be used to remove large tumours for oral cancer in men. In any case, if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, this will not be an option.

Each case of oral cancer is different. Meaning the diagnosis and treatment required can vary.

Considerations Needed Before Detecting & Treating Oral Cancer in Men Over 40

They typically include things like:

  • Age
  • Current health
  • Any medications you’re on
  • How far the disease has progressed
  • Your level of tolerance to medications
  • Effect of any procedures or therapies
  • Expected development of cancer
  • The expected outcome of the cancer

Be aware that complications can sometimes occur. However, this reduces in severity after three to four weeks after the course of chemotherapy has taken place.

Importance of Mouth Hygiene in Beating Oral Cancer in Men

Good oral hygiene is vital after an oral cancer diagnosis. It doesn’t matter what stage of the condition you are in. Brush your teeth at least three times a day and use saline solution too. The latter can be a replacement for toothpaste if this irritates your gums. Make sure to floss daily as infections can occur if you don’t do this regularly.

oral cancer in men over 40


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