Clean 9 Results For Men in Their 40’s – Day 4

For those who follow this page regularly, you will know that I have started the Forever Living Cleanse. And those that I talk to about it are interested in the Clean 9 results that I have been getting. The conversations usually surround weight loss but there are some far more interesting Clean 9 results as far as I am concerned. One that really stands out links to the health side of things rather than diet. I have been someone who has struggled with sleep at many times in my life. I have put this down to a number of factors –

  • Drinking caffeine near to bedtime
  • Eating to late in the day
  • Not being tired because I’ve not exercised
  • Stress

And I think there is probably a little something in each of these. But one thing I didn’t account for was the sleep you get as one of the Clean 9 results when you are cleansing.

Forever Living Clean 9 results include better sleep

Forever Living Clean 9 Results – Better Sleep

Poor quality sleep can affect the rest of your life – it’s that simple. You don’t want to walk round all day feeling tired, unable to function properly and trying to catch up with sleep all the time. It puts you on the back foot at any stage in your life but especially as a man approaching 50 because –

  • Your brain doesn’t work as well with lower sleep levels
  • You don’t perform nearly as well at work
  • Your kids can see that your not up to it

Ans these are just some of the side effects of lower levels of sleep.

The Clean 9 results I have experienced this time have included much better sleep. I have slept for longer and feel that it has been much better quality sleep too. I have been using a Fitbit Charge 3 to monitor my sleep and movement. It has shown that my deep sleep and REM sleep in particular have been at the right levels. That’s one of the Clean 9  resultsthat you can count on. Tags: ,

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