Clean 9 Forever For Men in Their 40’s – Day Two

Here comes the burn! Clean 9 Forever is a cleanse product that helps you get look and feel better about yourself.  I am now on Day Two of the Clean 9 Forever and I can tell you that this is when you start to feel like it is having a massive impact. The first two days consist of the following regime –

  • Breakfast is supplements and aloe vera drinking gel
  • Mid-morning is time for a fibre drink
  • Lunch is a shake, supplements and aloe vera drinking gel
  • Dinner is supplements and aloe vera drinking gel
  • Another glass of aloe at night time

This combination has got me feeling much lighter and ready to take on the world! In addition, you can have some of the free foods listed (see my blog on preparation for the Clean 9 for more details) to stop cravings and keep you filled up with nutrients.

Together, all of these have got me feeling fitter and happier about my weight, shape and general fitness level.

Clean 9 Forever will help your fitness journey

Clean 9 Forever and Fitness

Of course, we all know that weight loss is about far more than just exercise. For many, they feel that doing more exercise will burn off more calories and give you a reduction in weight. That simplifies things. If you are serious about weight loss then you will want to know exactly what you are putting in your body.

If the goal is to become fit then you need to think about putting the right fuel in to support your fitness regime, whatever that might end up being.

This is why I have found Clean 9 Forever the ideal start to my fitness regime. I did this before in January of this year and it was the first step on the road to running a half marathon. I got my body in the best possible place to deal with the fitness regime I was going to put it under. In the past, I have run half marathons from my starting weight, which was over 17 stone. I struggled to carry all of this around.  This time around, I did something different. I lost the weight and was ready to hit the road.

Clean 9 Forever got me running again

I recommend Clean 9 Forever to help you start from the best place possible. One of my goals for this Clean 9 Forever programme is to get out running again. I need to feel fresh and ready to do this before I begin.

The Truth About Exercise and Your Weight

The Clean 9 Forever programme will help you achieve a few things, if my experience is anything to go by –

  1. Lose some weight (although this isn’t necessarily what the product is sold as)
  2. Feel much better about yourself
  3. Cleanse the system
  4. Set you on the right track

And we should all want a bit of that as men approaching the age of 50. But you should know the truth about exercise and your weight, especially as you get past your 30’s and head towards the big five-o. Exercise helps you manage and maintain your weight but isn’t anywhere near as effective for weight loss. This is where something like Clean 9 Forever comes in handy. Check out the other blog posts connected to this and see how my Clean 9 Forever journey as a man in my 40’s. Tags: ,

Reaching the ripe old age of 44 has got me thinking about the next milestone birthday - the Big Five-O! I share with you my experiences of what these years mean to me. Thanks for stopping by!

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