Challenges of Being Older Parents

Last time, we talked about some of the advantages of being older parents. This time, we discuss some of the many challenges of being older parents.

What are the Main Challenges of Being Older Parents?

Generations Gap. Young parents in their 20’s often say they feel out of touch with their kids. Perhaps you can begin to see how this is one of the major challenges of being older parents. When you attend your child’s high school graduation, chances are that you’ll be the same age as most other kids grandparents.

Tiredness. As an older parent, you’ve been on this planet a while and things could be catching up with you. You may feel tired, and once you have kids, this tiredness only amplifies. After all, kids have loads more energy than an older parent.

Health Problems. As an older mum, you’re not just worried about your baby’s health. You also need to keep a watch on your own. The unfortunate truth is that older parents are more at risk of health problems due to ageing compared to a younger parent.

Set in Your Ways. Up until having kids, you’ll have been doing things the way you want. However, your life will soon be turned upside down as your once pristine home becomes a playground for your child’s boundless energy. Expect significant adjustment as an older parent.

Caring for Your Own Parents. As an older parent, you may need to care for your own ageing parents, as well as your kids. Otherwise known as the ‘sandwich generation’. This can be emotionally and physically draining compared to the lifestyle of a twentysomething mum. Tags: ,

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