C9 Cleanse Before and After – What Happened?

The Forever Living C9 cleanse has finished for me and I am happy to share the results here. Here is my C9 cleanse before and after story so I can share with you the results. I am a little dubious of before and after photos, as there are always changes to the light, etc. So I was really careful to take the pics in exactly the same place at the same time of day so you can see the C9 cleanse before and after results that I experienced.

Before the programme, I wasn’t in a fantastic shape, even after running the Great North Run half marathon only a few months ago. I’d come out of that and eaten quote a bit – keeping up the calorie intake but without the training. I knew I had to make a change. Let’s not get too down, though. I was probably the lightest I had been for about 25 years. But I didn’t feel right. Let’s take a look at the C9 Cleanse before and after photos to see what happened to me –

C9 Cleanse Before and After Photos – Front

I am quit sensitive about my pictures here, and it has taken a lot of umming and aahing to determine if I was going to be brave enough to share them with the world. As a man approaching the age of fifty, I wasn’t sure that these would be great viewing! But we are all in the same boat so I have shared so I can help.

As you can see from the pic below, I was carrying a little too much weight around my tummy and was staring to show something in the way of moobs.

C9 cleanse before and after front

After the C9 I had lost 8 pounds and felt in a much better place with all of this. I targeted losing 6cm from my waist. I actually only lost 4cm but was more than happy with the way I felt afterwards.

C9 Cleanse Before and After Photos – Side

From the side, you can see that I have firmed up across my chest and tummy. But the most striking thing to me looking at these pictures is the fact that my posture has changed remarkably. If you are looking at the one on the left you can see that my extra weight on the stomach and backside are causing me to lean forward. I am much taller and straighter. Anyone who knows mw will already know I have had problems with my back in the past. Standing straighter will help you

C9 cleanse before and after side

C9 Cleanse Before and After – What’s Next?

The next steps for the Forever Living C9 is to get fitness added to my routine. Losing the weight and feeling great wasn’t the only thing I wanted to acheive. I had in mind all along that this would get me out running again. Forever Living have a full programme in mind and have put together some of their own exercise videos that can help get you on the road to fitness. As a man approaching the age of fifty, I know this can be important. Take a look and thanks for following my C9 Cleanse before and after story.

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