C9 Cleanse and What Day One Brings

The first day of the C9 Cleanse is here for me and I thought I’d share with you the journey I am on with this product. The C9 Cleanse does exactly what it says on the tin – it is designed to clean your body. I have had a weekend of excessive drinking and eating to celebrate my uncle’s 70th birthday so this is probably the perfect opportunity to get on the C9 Cleanse and get a bit of balance back in my body. And one of the more impressive things about the C9 Cleanse is that it gives you more than you would normally expect from a simple diet plan.

If you have toxins in your body then you can see this from a number of signs, such as –

So, you need to get these toxins out of your body from time to time. The C9 Cleanse (goto)is designed to do just this. The first two days have you consuming little in the way of food and plenty of water to flush the toxins from your body. One of the things I really like about the C9 Cleanse is that it is about far more than just the programme. It looks at how this fits into your life. Let’s take a look at two areas where this is true –

C9 Setting Goals

If you just go through the C9 Cleanse programme then you will see some results. You will look different and feel better, from my experience. But how can you tell if you’ve achieved something if you don’t set specific goals for your C9 Cleanse programme?

C9 Cleanse goal setting


So, the booklet that comes with the Forever Living C9 Cleanse has a section where you are prompted to think of some specific goals. These will help you to measure the success of the programme. Take the time to think about these goals. They might be related to weight, health or fitness but whatever they are, be sure to write them down. This will help you assess the progress you have made when you get to the 9th day and the end.

C9 Cleanse and Exercise

As a man approaching 50, I’m aware that I may not be doing enough in the way of exercise. I recently completed the Great North Run in a little over 2 hours but haven’t done much in the way of exercise since. This needs to change. The C9 Cleanse programme also prompts you to do some exercise as the days unfold. Days 1 & 2 look for you to do some light exercise, with that stepping up slightly over the following days. Today I will be doing quite a bit of walking. This is to ensure that I get the most from the C9 Cleanse.

This goes with all of the other things you should be doing. The supplements you take are broken down into a handy guide. So you always know what you should be taking and when. Here is the information for days one and two –

C9 Cleanse supplement guide days 1 & 2

That is the first day all set up, so I’ll keep you updated with what happens on my C9 program (go to)this time. My goals are to start running again, lose 6 pounds in weight and lose 5 centimetres from my waist that I measured on Day Zero. Wish me luck!

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