Why The Big Five-O Was Born

There are so many pressures for men approaching fifty. Our health and fitness levels are not what they used to be. Our kids pose a bigger challenge every day. Work, mental health and diet are everyday challenges. We can end up feeling crushed and ready to throw in the towel.

These feelings have often festered for many years. It’s a shock to the system if we stop and think about it.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

No more bring outraged by the endless supply of contradictory information online. The Big Five-O has been designed with you in mind.

We bring a breath of fresh air to your life. You’ll crave more and more. The good news? We are providing more information week after week.

Relief from the pressures of a forty-something life!

Build Your Own Workout Routine

Build Your Own Workout Routine. Getting yourself motivated to exercise is difficult enough without having to also find time to fit it into your packed schedule.

After all, with the many other demands of life such as work and socialising, the prospect of this may seem impossible.

Unfortunately, our bodies cannot keep in shape on their own, which requires us to do some work at least.

So what is the answer?

build your own workout routineBuild Your Own Workout Routine to Suit Yourself

There are a number of things you can do to build your own workout routine, including using personal training apps and even YouTube videos for inspiration. Here are the best ways to get started.

  1. Work Out your Fitness Goals. Everyone is different, so work out which areas of your body you want to work on, and create workouts to suit this. After all, cardio or fitness classes aren’t for everyone.
  2. Become your Own Trainer. Consider buying a fitness band which can help you track progress along the way. It will keep you motivated and help achieve your goals more quickly. It can also be fun as you compete against family and friends, and some even allow you to track what you’re eating.
  3. Motivate Yourself with your Phone. There are loads of great fitness apps out there. Pick one that you like the look of and suits the routines you want to try. we recommend the Nike training club in particular because there’s plenty of workouts to choose from, and you get expert help on each one.
  4. Watch YouTube Videos on Workout Routine at Home. You’d be surprised at just how many great videos on workout routine at home are available on this platform, and as a bonus, they’re all free. Much cheaper than an expensive gym membership! YouTube is also great as it can be paused as often as you want, so if you fancy a break halfway through, you can!


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