How to Recover from Brain Injury. A Guide for Men: Part 1

Working out how men should recover from brain injury is unpredictable. After all, each injury is different. We discuss timescales that can be expected when recovering from brain injury. Check back each week on a new topic on this interesting but sometimes conflicting subject.

Unfortunately, damaged brain cells during a brain injury will not recover. This doesn’t mean that recovery isn’t still possible, however. The brain conducts a process called ‘plasticity‘. A method in which the brain can re-organize its self to allow some degree of better functioning.

As the brain begins to recover, new nerve pathways can develop, using existing undamaged cells. If men wish to enhance this process, engaging in certain types of activity can definitely help. Particularly to reduce the impact long term of brain injury.


It is difficult to work out how long it will take for someone to recover from brain injury, not to mention working out the outcome as well. Generally, recovery from a brain injury takes time and can take many years.

In order to gain a better understanding of how you are recovering, it’s recommended to wait at least 6 months after your injury. However, making long term decisions should be left for one year after the brain injury. During this time, you’ll be able to work out your progress and how your condition is improving.

Be aware that a period of psychological recovery is also necessary when recovering from brain injury. If you find you are having psychological difficulty, this can have a substantial impact on both you and your family. Make sure you seek help early on.

A common misconception about brain injury recovery is that the healing process doesn’t extend beyond two years. This is actually false, and people can continue to recover long after this period. Nevertheless, it is the first six months when the most healing occurs. Tags: , ,

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