Biggest Health Risks For Men Approaching 50

Despite the fact that the life expectancy gap between men and women is reducing as time passes, there are several factors that constantly work contrary to good health in men. We’re asked the question all the time – What Are The Biggest Health Risks For Men Approaching 50?

As men grow older approaching 50 years of age, their health condition staggers and deterioration sets in. The body gets fragile, the immune system gradually gets weak leaving space for numerous amounts of deadly diseases to break through the immune system and attack the body.

obesity is a major health risk

6 Health Risks Men Approaching 50 Should Watch Out For


As declared by CDC, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in American males. Globally, cardio-vascular disease has over 80% of death rate in men. Therefore, it would be wise for men to incorporating cardio exercises in their lifestyle. And also consume a considerate amount of Omega-3 in their daily diets.

2.       STROKE

Stroke is another major cause of death around the world in men advancing towards 50 years of age. A healthy diet, exercise and controlled blood pressure coupled with regular medical check-ups can lessen the risk of having a stroke hence guaranteeing a healthy life for men.


This is known to be the second most common cancer affecting men today. Study shows that out of seven men, one diagnosed with prostate cancer and out of six men, one is at risk of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is fatal for men in their 40’s approaching 50. Early check-up for detection is advised for successful treatment to take place. However, if left untreated it can spread to other parts of the body causing more complications.


Urinary tract infection is common in women just as it is common in men who exhibit excessive drinking habits. A UTI (Urinary tract infection) can seriously affect the kidneys and bladder in men if not detected and treated in the early stage. You can get UTI Urine Test Strips to help you stay on top of this, if needed.

5.       DIABETES

Nerve and kidney damage can occur as a result of untreated and unmanaged diabetes. Men suffering from diabetes may suffer from lower testosterone levels and sexual impotence which can lead to increased depression or anxiety. Type 2 diabetes is affecting more and more men – an earlier in life too.


Depression can also be seen as deep sadness. In men, it can manifest in aggressive behaviours or the excessive intake of alcohol. Compared to women, men are less likely to indulge in suicidal acts. However, when their minds are made up to indulge in it, they tend to be more successful in carrying it out. Seeking professional help or talking to a close friend is advised This is especially important if you are feeling depressed in order to avoid suicide.

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Biggest Health Risks For Men Approaching 50

After all said and done, you are aware of the health risks you may be facing approaching 50 years of age. Make it a hobby to regularly visit and consult your doctor for a routine check-up! These are the Biggest Health Risks For Men Approaching 50 so don’t let your eye off the ball with them. As we get older, there is an onus on looking after our body and mind. This is the best way to live! Tags: ,

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