The 10 Best Supplements For Men Approaching 50

The 10 Best Supplements For Men Approaching 50. As a man approaching the age of fifty, you find more and more that you don’t get all the nutrients you need from your diet. It means we are more susceptible to disease and illness. And we can’t be having that. It is a trend that we turn more and more to supplements to help us feel  better and fight off illness. Lets take a look at the best supplements for men.

Health supplements provide the nourishment generally needed by men which may not be inclusive in their daily diets. Men require supplements for proper health nutrition. And they need essential foods to fight fatigue and remain energetic to accomplish day to day tasks.  Consumption of nutrients is made difficult due to unhealthy eating habits and change in lifestyle. Men Approaching 50 face various health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and enlarged prostates. Hence, there are various supplements men need to consume in order to reduce these risks.

1.       Calcium

If the required calcium content is not derived from foods consumed daily, it is important to eat calcium supplements. A high calcium level in men helps maintain moderate weight and muscle. It is said that 1000mg is the required dosage of calcium needed by men daily. If you don’t get this from your normal diet, particularly of dairy, then look to a supplement to help top it up.

2.       Omega 3

Omega-3 helps lower heart attack risk in men approaching 50. It balances cholesterol levels and reduces high blood pressure. Fish oil is an incredible source of getting these acids. Omega-3 helps in regulating blood flow and prevents blood clotting. It is used to treat hair loss and improve vision. It is found in oily fish, but can also be derived from a quality supplement. This is one of the best supplements for men.

3.       Folic Acid

Health officials recommend the use of folic acid to decrease the risk of heart diseases. It is also used to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Folic acid supplements intake is very important for men who are aging and the recommended dose is 500mg on a daily basis.

4.       Fibre

Consumption of 25-35 grams of fibre daily can help decrease cardiovascular diseases. It helps to rid the body of cholesterol and bacterial build-up in the artery walls. It aids digestion and decreases the risk of colon cancer. Now that’s something we can all go for! Fibre is an essential part of our diet. It comes in breakfast cereals and vegetables. But of you don’t get enough then a supplement can really help.

Best Supplements For Men

5.       Vitamin B

Vitamin B6 is vital for normal brain development and functionality and also helps in keeping the immune system and nervous system functioning properly without loopholes. And Vitamin B is one of the essential vitamins that the body needs to stay healthy and function correctly. If you don’t get enough of it naturally, then it is one of the best supplements for men.

6.       Probiotics

Probiotics aids the replenishing of good bacteria supply internally, hence reducing gas and abdominal pain. We need the healthy bacteria in our guts to help process food and break down the nutrients we need. Over many years, our diet and antibiotics have attacked these healthy bacteria. Probiotics help put them back.

7.       Cinnamon

Now, you wouldn’t normally think of cinnamon as a supplement. But it has some pretty magical powers as well as tasting great! It cures arthritis and can reduce blood sugar levels and minimize the risk of heart disease. That’s a pretty important mix for the man approaching fifty. That’s why it is in our list of the most important supplements for men.

8.       Whey Protein

This is a complete protein that contains all of the essential amino acids needed for building muscle in men. We need protein in our diet. Too much carbs leaves us bloated and saggy around the middle. Nobody wants that! Whey is a good source of protein that we can lean upon to get us through the day.

9.       Creatine

Creatine supplement increases the ability to produce energy rapidly in men causing the increment of muscle and strength. It has been used by bodybuilders for some time now. The ret of the male population is catching up. Creatine will help you when working out.

10.   Green Supplements

They help prevent chronic diseases in men. It is highly recommended that men approaching 50 take in enough green supplements in order to stay fit internally. Green is the new orange, which is the new black! Taking a green supplement will help you to stave off illness and have a healthy inside. We all want that.

Best Supplements For Men

The 10 Best Supplements For Men Approaching 50

It is important to eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet to remain healthy and active. But sometimes we don’t get all we need from our diet. That’s where supplements come in. They add to our natural intake and give our body the ability to fight disease and stay strong. With all the other things going on in life, we need to stay on top of our game for as long as we can. These are the best supplements to give you that fighting chance. Tags: ,

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