The Best Nutritional items for Men Approaching 50: Part Four

The Best Nutritional items for Men Approaching 50. Here at The Big Five-O, we do not believe in the age-old concept of ‘letting yourself go’. In fact, we think every man approaching 50 has the right to be in the best shape as possible. Although fitness plays a large part in this, food is equally, if not more important. Last time, we talked about the best foods to beat cancer. This weeks post turns to the best nutritional items for men approaching 50.


Eggs. They contain one of eight B vitamins which provide essential energy, allowing the body to function normally. They’re also a proven food for losing weight.

Grass-Fed Beef. This type of meat contains high levels of creatine which helps build muscles. As well as being packed with protein, it’s also lean and low in calories, making it one of the best nutritional items for men approaching 50.

Quinoa. It’s full of slow-burning carbs as well as protein and lysine, which helps repair muscles and damaged tissue. It also contains magnesium which enhances blood flow to muscles.

Chocolate Milk. Contains the magic combo of carbohydrates and protein which boosts energy post-workout and contributes to lean muscle.

Almonds. They are great for losing weight naturally. So good, in fact, that an overweight adult who consumes just one-quarter of a cup of almonds can reduce their weight significantly.

Grapefruit. Grapefruits contain phytochemicals which can help reduce weight. So much so, in fact, that eating half of a grapefruit before a meal can help cut one inch from your middle in only six weeks.

Pork. The elements that make pork great for helping reach body goals are protein and choline. Two things which aid weight loss. Amino acid within pork may also help with this too.

Millet. Full of magnesium, this improves blood flow to muscles and also gives you more energy. The protein and complex carbohydrates help with this too.

Chia Seeds. Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber are the superpowers of chia seeds. Omega-3 can strengthen muscles whilst fiber provides all the energy your body needs to perform well.

Cottage Cheese. This contains casein and live cultures which not only elevate blood amino acid levels but also break down and absorb nutrients for maximum effect on your body.

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