The Best Fruit and Veg for Men Approaching 50: Part Five

The Best Fruit and Veg for Men Approaching 50. Last time, we blogged about foods which men over 50 can consume to achieve a better body appearance. This time around, we focus on the best fruit and veg that men approaching 50 can eat to achieve the best immunity possible. 


Kefir. As well as being good for helping you maintain a healthy heart, kefir is also excellent for immunity and digestion. This is largely thanks to the probiotics contained within, which are a form of healthy bacteria. It is particularly good for individuals who cannot consume traditional milk because it contains virtually no lactose whatsoever.

Chilli Peppers. The star property of chilli peppers is that they contain beta-carotene which helps your body fight infection. However, as an added bonus, they also have the advantage of helping you boost your metabolism and can add extra flavour to bland foods. Chilli peppers are particularly good for men approaching 50 because they contain properties that can help keep prostate cancer at bay.

Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes are great for your immune system because they contain the antioxidant glutathione which improves immune system function. But the benefits don’t end here. As well as being able to counterbalance the effects of secondhand smoke, they can prevent diabetes, and help ward off a number of other diseases such as alzheimers, parkinsons and liver disease.

Kale. If you are looking for a vegetable that helps boost your immune system, you cannot go far wrong with kale. Kale encourages good cell functioning because of the phytonutrients contained within. Ultimately, this results in timely enzymatic reactions within the body. But beyond the immune system, kale is also good at preventing other harmful diseases too. Kale truly is one of the best fruit and veg for men approaching 50.

Blueberries. Blueberries are excellent for the immune system because they contain the compound pterostilbene. This has been proven to bring benefits to the immune system, being picked from over 400 compounds as being one of the best in a study completed by Oregon State University.

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