The Best Food Items for Men Approaching 50: Part Three

The Best Food Items for Men Approaching 50: Part Three. If you read our last blog, you’ll know that we talked about diabetes, and which foods are good at keeping the condition well managed. In this post, we shift to another disease that men approaching 50 become increasingly at risk of. Cancer. So without further ado, here are the nine best food items for men to help protect yourself from developing this increasingly common condition.


  1. Tomatoes. They contain the antioxidant lycopene which protects against harmful toxins that can damage our DNA and cells.
  2. Mackerel. High in omega-3 and vitamin D which have protective properties and have been proven to reduce the incidence of colon cancer with regular consumption.
  3. Strawberries. Contain tumor-blocking compounds and antioxidants which reduce cancer cell formation and the damage of cells in our body.
  4. White Tea. Proven to protect healthy cells against damage and reduce the formation of colon cancer cells.
  5. Citrus Peel. Contain a strong compound which increases the production of a detoxifying enzyme. Even shown to reduce tumor size and developing squamous-cell skin cancer.
  6. Leafy Greens. Contain a number of nutrients and chemicals which can reduce the occurrence of various types of cancer.
  7. Red Peppers. Regular consumption of red peppers can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer thanks to the phytonutrient ‘lycopene’ contained within.
  8. Cauliflower. Has the indole-3-carbinol compound which can fix damaged DNA and keep cancer at bay.
  9. Ginger. Contains gingerol, which can reduce the risk of cancer, particularly colon cancer.
  10. Low-Glycemic Carbs. A study completed by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute demonstrated that men who ate diets with high glycemic loads had an 80% chance of death compared to men that ate low glycemic loads.


It’s probably no surprise to you that as a man approaching 50, your risk of developing chronic health conditions such as diabetes and cancer begins to rise. If you want to start protecting yourself, we recommend consuming the best food items for men, including mackerel, tomatoes and leafy greens.

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