Andropause and Men Turning Fifty

It’s fair to say that once you’ve turned fifty, your body isn’t what it used to be. Physical changes are inevitable, such as lower hormone levels and bone density, reduced muscle mass, deteriorating eyesight and hair colour, poorer cognition and immunity. While this list of symptoms may cause fear, researched backed treatments do exist to help manage them. In this series of blogs, we begin by looking at andropause and men turning fifty, plus its symptoms and when you might need to visit your doctor.

So What Exactly is Andropause?

It’s similar to the menopause experienced by women over the age of fifty. However, the male version is less known about. This is because the symptoms in women are much more obvious than men.

Andropause is the drop in testosterone when a man turns fifty and can present many different symptoms.

What Symptoms Might I Experience?

Physically, weight gain is a clear symptom of andropause or male menopause. In terms of mental health, you might experience low mood, depression and a lack of self-esteem. While your sex life could suffer in the way of erectile dysfunction and reduced libido. Lower muscle mass and lack of energy are other symptoms as well.

How do I Get a Diagnosis?

Visit your doctor, who can check your current testosterone level and confirm if it is too low. Or, you could do this yourself at home with a self-quantification kit. If it’s discovered you are suffering andropause, you’ll be recommended to make some lifestyle changes like getting more exercise, with the aim of boosting your testosterone levels. You might also be recommended to take part in hormone replacement therapy with a qualified provider.

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