5 Most Important Ageing Goals for Men Approaching 50: Part Six

5 Most Important Ageing Goals for Men Approaching 50. Did you have a chance to take a look at our last post? If you did, you’ll have picked up some information on the signs of andropause, and how they can be remedied. In our final post of this series, we will delve further into some of the most common pitfalls you’ll likely experience during your wellness journey, and how you can turn this around, allowing you to successfully reach the most common ageing goals for men nearing 50. 


Before you embark on your journey to better ageing, you need to know about some of the important indicators of good health. Although there are actually around 18 primary indicators of ageing, the best ones to focus on are hormone regulation, brain health, muscle to fat ratio, disease prevention, and overall wellness. Whilst most of these things can be slowed down, it is true that some can actually be reversed. 


You will probably have realised that ageing well is not as black and white as ticking off items from a ‘to do’ list. Keeping the right state of mind is critical to getting you onto the right path to self-improvement. We understand that you may be experiencing emotions such as shame. Thoughts of ‘letting yourself go’ are common in men approaching 50. However, you will need to let go of such thoughts if you are firmly committed to making changes.


Have you started a fitness regime in the past, only after a couple of weeks to slip back into old habits and give it up entirely? Perhaps you have felt ashamed. This is normal and setbacks are part of everyday life. It is how you move forward that matters. 


Although our own intellect may be enough to push us into our new routine right away, we cannot ignore the emotional aspects that run beside it. ‘Falling off the bandwagon’ is common when embarking on a diet or fitness regime, but getting back on is what counts. So how can we bounce back? A sense of humour is definitely important. However, a solutions-focused mindset will allow you to get back on track. So visualize your future self as happy and successful and you shouldn’t fail to achieve your goals. Tags: ,

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