A Lack Of Sunlight

A Lack Of Sunlight. There is a lot of talk, and quite rightly so, about too much sunlight. Skin cancer is a worry as we get older and the number of hours we’ve spent under the sun increases. But a lack of sunlight is something to worry about just as much. Here are the ways in which a lack of sunlight is a concern for men.

Lack Of Sunlight: Cancer and Other Diseases

We all know that sunlight is the direct cause of skin cancer, but a lack of sunlight can contribute to cancer too. And other diseases as well. Vitamin D is derived from sunlight as well as other sources, and we need this to have a healthy, functioning body. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to prostate cancer and breast cancer.

It also has strong links to heart disease in men. A study found that Vitamin D deficiency from a lack of sunlight left them twice as likely to develop heart disease. Quite a scary proposition when you stop to think about it.

Lack Of Sunlight: Effects On The Brain

It isn’t only the body that is affected by a lack of sunlight. The brain needs Vitamin D to perform at an optimum level too, it seems. Memory loss and SAD or Seasonal Affected Disorder are linked to a lack of sunlight and the resultant lack of Vitamin D. And all we need to do is get a bit more sunlight, safely, to look after our mind here.

Did you also know that a lack of Vitamin D in your system leads men to a higher risk of developing dementia? As we get into our fifties and beyond this is a major concern. Look at all of the risk factors, but it is clear we need some more sunlight in our lives.

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Lack Of Sunlight: The Dreaded Obesity

We see signs of obesity in many places. The food we eat and the exercise we do, or absence of it contribute massively to obesity. But it is a little-known fact that a lack of sunlight contributes to this too. One of the other nutrients we get from the sun is nitric oxide. This helps to manage the metabolism, burning through the calories we consume.

Nitric Oxide actually naturally discourages you from overeating. The body is a marvellous thing, and can look after itself if we put the right things in. Sunlight is one of those things. Look for a good dose of sunlight every day. It can really help you move towards a happier healthier life. If you don’t get enough, then a supplement with Vitamin D added will go some way to helping you.

Don’t take risks with your health as you get older. We all need to take care as we head beyond the forties and into something else altogether. Tags: ,

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