A Guide to Running Through the Winter

The discipline of running through the winter isn’t always an easy one to keep. When the mornings and nights are light, warm, and free from inclement weather conditions it is easier to motivate yourself to train. Running through the winter is much tougher. For a man approaching 50, I am always looking for ways to get the most from my training. Here is my guide to running through the winter –

Think About the Time of Day

Running through the winter will almost inevitably mean running in darkness every now and again. But if circumstances allow, you can go for a Midday run for a change. Maybe lunchtime at work or on a day off or the weekend just shake things up a little and go for a run when there is plenty of daylight.

It can give you a burst of energy after the run, and you could end up getting a load of work finished while tapping into that extra power. Don’t forget that Argi+ is a great way to recover after a run. I use it regularly.

Stay Warm at All Times

One of the downsides of running through the winter is the potential for injury. The summer was great for just pulling on a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt, and away you go. In the winter you have to be a lot more careful. Get a few layers on and look after yourself. It is far better to layer up than to put on something bulky. You’ll soon get used to a level of warmth and comfort that suits you.

Also, make sure you can be seen when running in the dark. Early mornings and late nights can be particularly tricky to get the bright colors on and invest in a running light to keep you safe. Give motorists a chance to see you and enjoy your run in safety.

Running through the winter can be different

Mix It Up Running Through the Winter

The trusty routes that you use in the summer might not be as appropriate in the winter due to factors out if your control, such as –

  • Conditions underfoot
  • Decent lighting
  • Risk of standing water or ice

So, you might have to mix things up a little when running through winter to get the same training. Think about the different places you can run in. It’s never the same but a local athletics track or even the treadmill at the local gym can allow you to keep up the training no matter what the weather.

Running Through Winter

If you are looking at running through the winter then these tips will help you stay safe, keep fit, and have a great time. As a man approaching fifty, our fitness is highly important so do all you can to get out there and stay fit no matter what it is you do. Enjoy! Tags: ,

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