5 Most Important Keep Fit Regimes For Men Approaching 50: Part Three

Last time, we talked heavily about testosterone in men. In our most recent blog, we will go into a bit more depth. Specifically, by looking at how to keep your testosterone levels reasonable and working out whether your current levels are acceptable.


The most important thing to remember here is that everybody is different, meaning there are no hard or fast rules around the ‘perfect’ testosterone levels. Nevertheless, a lab test can be used to check this. Which can then be checked against results from men of a similar age. Ultimately, be sure to listen to your body. If you feel something is wrong, or you notice unexpected changes, it’s probably time to visit your doctor.


There are a number of things you can do to boost testosterone levels within your body. One major way you can work towards this, however, is by consuming an anti-inflammatory diet. After all, it is believed that better health is largely down to what you eat, with some exercise thrown in for good measure. If you would like to learn more about improving your testosterone levels and improving longevity, we recommend signing up for updates from Longevity Lifestyle.


In short, yes. Inflammation does tend to increase as we get older. In fact, testosterone does peak at age 20, followed by an eventual decline. Men in their late 30’s will report that they don’t have the same energy as they used to, and may also experience weight gain, despite a regular fitness regime.

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