5 Most Important Health Considerations For Men Approaching 50: Part Four

If you had a look at Part 3, you’ll know a bit more about how to check and improve your testosterone levels as part of the 5 most important health considerations for men approaching 50. You may have also picked up some information about how your testosterone levels change as you age. We continue the theme of testosterone in this post. Specifically, by looking at what happens when your testosterone drops, why this can happen and how you can work on putting it right.


It is common for men approaching the age of 50 to experience andropause symptoms. At this point, you may be wondering what this complex term means. It describes the process in which our bodies experience a drop in testosterone, and no longer function as well as they once did as a result. Thankfully, however, this can be fixed. Read on to find out how.


Unfortunately, the subject can be a little bit of a taboo. It relates somewhat to the menopause that females of the same age experience too. Because of this, some men may be reluctant to discuss the topic in fear of eroding their masculinity. It happens in every part of life – even at the gym. In order to get men talking about this more, and to discover clarity amongst some mixed messages, the site Over Fifty and Fit was set up. We recommend checking it out if you want to learn about the subject in more detail.

5 Most Important Health Considerations

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There are many things men approaching 50 might be doing that have contributed to this reduced hormonal state. Perhaps too much of an inflammatory diet is being consumed, or a diet that lacks necessary vitamins. You may even just have too much of a sedentary lifestyle. Once you begin to make improvements, you’ll notice that your emotional state and sense of wellbeing improves.


The best way to reduce the symptoms of andropause is to change your diet, introduce more vitamins and minerals into your body and increase your levels of physical fitness if you are mainly inactive. You may also want to consider hormone replacement therapy (otherwise known as HRT). This technique will replenish the lack of naturally occurring hormones in your body, or replace other hormones with naturally occurring ones. Learning about andropause and testosterone is only one of the 5 most important health considerations for men. Stay tuned and check our future posts for everything you need to know. Tags: , , ,

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