5 Most Important Exercise Routines For Men Approaching 50: Part Two

Our previous post talked about some of the most common things men approaching 50 tend to avoid with regards to boosting their own health. With this in mind, we talk about the male hormone testosterone in this blog. We also mention why it is so important for men approaching 50.

If you regularly consume day to day media, you’re probably no stranger to medical developments which seem to be happening at an unprecedented rate. Yet, we remain to have a relatively small knowledge of the human body. Especially compared to what is to come in the future.

Of course, there are some parts of our bodies that are very complex, such as the brain. In comparison, other areas, such as hormones, are very clearly understood. Which is good, because hormones are critical in allowing cells and organs to communicate properly with the rest of your body. Specifically, by being partly responsible for both our mood and behaviour.

It would seem that the best approach to vitality is to have a good balance between body and mind. Allowing us to develop both our physical bodies, as well as utilising hormones to develop ourselves mentally too. After all, one cannot exist without the other.


As already mentioned, hormones allow your body to operate normally and keep you healthy. They also affect your behaviour. Perhaps when you were at school, you learned about the ‘male secondary sex characteristic’. Whilst this is well and good, it is unlikely that the true importance of this hormone was played up for men approaching 50. Want to learn the true importance of this vital male hormone? Check next time where you will be one more step towards learning the 5 most important exercise routines for men approaching 50.

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